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Updated on:  Friday, December 11, 2015 06:21 AM

Listed in these pages are over 250 science project ideas that might be considered by middle school and senior high school students. If you would like to add your own ideas to the list, please submit them to me through e-mail.

Science Fair Project Ideas:  Biology -- Chemistry -- Conservation -- Communications
Education -- Electronics -- Energy -- Physics -- Robotics --

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  • Perform research on a unique tree that grows a wax laden berry, which could be used to produce fuel for automobiles.

  •  Demonstrate new light sources that draw less energy than conventional tungsten filament lamps.

  •  Illustrate a large scale solar energy farm using sun tracking mirrors to focus sunlight onto a central collection tower. 

  •  Build a working model of a system that produces hydrogen gas from aluminum cans and water.

  •  Illustrate a working model of an electrodeless sulfur lamp.  Show how such lamps could save energy in home, office and street lighting needs.

  •  Build a working model of a “hanging weight” energy storage system that could be used on the Moon or Mars.  The weight would be lowered into a very deep canyon and would be connected to a motor/generator.

  • Illustrate how inkjet printing schemes could be used to fabricate inexpensive solar photovoltaic panels, printed onto glass.

  •  Build a working model of a hydrogen/air fuel cell.

  •  Illustrate how heat from deep geothermal wells could be used to generate electrical power.

  •  Demonstrate how a large ocean ship could generate a sizable amount of energy by deploying a super large wind sail.  The ship pulled by the sail might drive a large propeller, which would power a generator.  The energy might be stored as hydrogen gas or as a super large capacitor.

  •  Predict how solar photovoltaic panels might be used if their cost were drastically reduced.

  •  Illustrate how large scale super capacitors might be used to store electrical energy for an entire city.

  •  Demonstrate the principles of using a high speed flywheel to store energy.

  •  Illustrate a working model of a system that uses compressed air to store energy.

  • Demonstrate how solar ponds work and how they could produce water hot enough to drive gas turbines.

  • Compare the various ways to store energy in energy per unit volume and energy per unit weight.

  •  Illustrate how an aggressive use of wave, wind and solar power stations could satisfy much of the U.S. energy needs.

  •  Review the various ways energy, needed by a city, could be transported.

  • Conduct research on the additional cost needed to build super insulated homes over a more conventional designs.

  •  Illustrate how a “hybrid” electric car works.

  • Illustrate the areas of the U.S. that would be suitable for large scale wind energy farms.

  •  Build a working model of a portable wind energy generator, one that would be moved to a windy location as needed.

  • Illustrate how solid methyl hydrate could be mined from the deep ocean and used as fuel

  • Demonstrate how PV solar cells on a roof might work to save money.

  • Illustrate how a heat pump air conditioning system works and how it would save electricity.

  • Demonstrate how concentrated sunlight might be used in an industry needing high temperatures. Glass, steel, brick and cement industry?

  • Explore different ways to store energy. Giant flywheels, molten salt and compressed air in old mines are three examples.

  • Show how compact fluorescent lamps save energy when compared with standard tungsten incandescent lamps.

  • Illustrate how very large kites could be used to extract a large amount of energy from the wind.

  • Demonstrate how human motion controlled lighting inside office buildings could save energy.

  • Illustrate how different thermal insulation materials, used in wall insulation, compare. Test heat conduction of fiberglass, Styrofoam, recycled paper and a vacuum.

  • Illustrate how a nuclear fusion power plant might operate.

Science Fair Project Ideas:  Biology -- Chemistry -- Conservation -- Communications
Education -- Electronics -- Energy -- Physics -- Robotics --

Links to other Sites -- Imagineering Ezine Book Corner


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