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Listed in these pages are over 250 science project ideas that might be considered by middle school and senior high school students. If you would like to add your own ideas to the list, please submit them to me through e-mail.

Science Fair Project Ideas:  Biology -- Chemistry -- Conservation -- Communications
Education -- Electronics -- Energy -- Physics -- Robotics --

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  •  Experiment with infrasonics (very low frequency sound). Build a working electronic circuit that can process the low frequencies and make them audible.

  •  Build a working model of an energy monitor that displays gas and electricity usage. Unit connected to the power and gas meters.  Maybe place the display next to the thermostat. Displays real time usage as well as weekly and monthly totals.

  •  Invent an electronic water usage monitor that could be easily attached to a shower head to help the user conserve water.

  •  Speculate how electrical power could be transported on the Moon or Mars.  What voltages and line frequencies should be used?

  •  Devise a new power supply technique to transform alternating current to direct current.  Perhaps a high frequency transformer with a multiple turns ratio could be used.

  •  Build a “blackout alarm”.  The device would warn companies that their electrical power will be turned off.
  • Invent a way humans can be detected in coal mines.

  • Illustrate how an optical computer mouse operates.  Define how the technology might be used for measuring moving materials without contact.

  •  Invent a circuit that stops a dog from barking.

  •  Build a working model of a device that indicates how level a surface is.  Perhaps it would make different tones when a bubble moved in a tube.

  • Build a snow and rain monitor. Perhaps light from an infrared light emitting diode could used to detect the reflections off the rain drops and snow flakes.

  • Demonstrate something using new super capacitors. Perhaps illustrate how a large bank of such capacitors could be used to store energy.

  • Make your own electrets (capacitors with permanent charge) using a mixture of waxes baked in an oven. Experiment with some possible uses for the large devices.

  • Modify a CD-ROM player to provide 100 hours of voice audio. Great for audio books. 
  • Build a working model of a body temperature monitor and alarm. Might be great for hikers worried about hypothermia.

  • Build a working camera system that is triggered by moving wildlife. The device would make the animals take their own photos.

  • Build a time to dust alarm. The device would flash a light when it was time to dust. Perhaps a simple pulsed light emitting diode and photo transistor could be made to work.

  • Build an earth quake alarm. Such devices could save lives.

  • Build a freeze alarm. The device would sound an alarm when the temperature dropped below 32 degrees F.

  • Demonstrate some uses for super bright light emitting diodes. Perhaps you could build a solid state flashlight that uses the latest super bright white light emitting diodes.

  • Illustrate some uses for head mounted digital displays. Perhaps you could build a simple disk reader that would display text from a book.

  • Demonstrate a camera system linked to a VCR that is turned on only during human motion.  Such a device is useful for security camera systems
  • Such a device is useful for security camera systems.

  • Demonstrate how a large number of books could be stored on computer disks. The latest DVD disks could store about 5,000 novels.

  • Build a voice “Babble” Generator.   Circuit generates a sequence of nosey room sounds, with hundreds of people talking, interleaved so in can be continuous. Used to mask other voices, jamming of radios
  • Build a working optical radar system. Maybe just measure the distance between the transmitter unit and a distant corner cube type mirror.

  • Explore some uses for old computers.

  • Explore some uses for defective memory chips.

  • Show how human motion can be detected by the disturbance in the earth=s natural electric field that their motion produces.

  • Build a cold cathode fluorescent lamp driver that is run off of a standard 120vac power line. Describe how such devices might last longer and be cheaper than standard hot cathode fluorescent lamps.

  • Build a working model of a communications system that uses modulated light produced by fluorescent lamps.

  • Experiment with electrical signals that are detected from metal probes pushed into the ground. Worms, insects, distant lightning strikes and human foot steps might be detectable.

  • Build an electronic stethoscope. Use the device to record human heart and breath sounds.

  • Build a device that can measure the speed of a thrown baseball without using radar gun techniques.

  • Build a wind energy monitor. The output signal from a simple wind speed meter (anemometer) would be fed to a computer that would calculate and plot the potential energy per unit area each day. Such a system might be useful to help define locations for wind energy farms.

  • Develop a shower water temperature monitor. Such a device might help conserve energy.

Science Fair Project Ideas:  Biology -- Chemistry -- Conservation -- Communications
Education -- Electronics -- Energy -- Physics -- Robotics --

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