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Updated on:  Friday, December 11, 2015 06:21 AM

Listed in these pages are over 250 science project ideas that might be considered by middle school and senior high school students. If you would like to add your own ideas to the list, please submit them to me through e-mail.

Science Fair Project Ideas:  Biology -- Chemistry -- Conservation -- Communications
Education -- Electronics -- Energy -- Physics -- Robotics --

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Natural Resource Conservation

  • Demonstrate how liquid methanol could be made from natural gas.

  • Construct a working model of an internal combustion engine running on methanol.

  • Illustrate how a fleet of tanker trucks carrying methanol could supply automobile fuel for an entire city.

  • Demonstrate how engineered lumber could reduce waste.

  • Illustrate how hydrogen gas might be stored efficiently using carbon nanotubes.

  • Construct a working model of fuel cell running on hydrogen.  Illustrate how such a device might be used in an electric car.

  • Illustrate how glass foam might be used to make strong building materials with high insulation properties.

  • Construct a working wind generator.  Illustrate how such devices would save coal and gas resources.

  • Illustrate how a large solar sail attached to an electric car could charge the car’s battery when parked in the sun.
  • Build a working model of an electric car that uses super capacitors to store electrical energy.
  •  Explore other building materials that could be substituted for lumber.

  •  Demonstrate how an ultra-insulated home would reduce energy needs.

  •  Build a working model of a solar water heater.

  •  Demonstrate how compact fluorescent lamps can reduce lighting energy needs.

  •  Build a working model of an efficient street light that uses light emitting diodes.

  •  Illustrate how a sewage plant could produce natural gas.

  • Show how many electronic devices with an “instant on” feature waste electricity.

  •  Illustrate some of the latest solar photovoltaic panels are being developed.  Some panels are shaped as shingles.

  • Demonstrate a working model of a house being heated and cooled by a “heat pump”, drawing energy from the cool ground.

  •  Illustrate how a “swamp cooler” works in dry climates.

  •  Show how natural gas could be extracted from the ocean by mining deep water methyl-hydrates.

  •  Construct a working model of a sunlight ultraviolet monitor and illustrate how the reduction of the ozone layer will cause an increase in the UV light from the sun.

  •  Illustrate how a home with two basement levels could provide large living areas built on small lots.

  • Show the energy saved by allowing workers to work out of their homes, instead of commuting to an office.

  • Explore new varieties of lawn grasses, which require less irrigation.
  • Build a model of a neighborhood energy farm, which provides fuel for both heating and powering automobiles.  Farms might form partnerships with nearby farmers, who can deliver manure which can be turned into nature gas.

  • Explore ways a modified car could help clear the air, as it is driven.
  • Demonstrate how you could save city water by storing rain water in undergroundtanks. Water from roofs would be routed to tanks. Used for irrigation only, not drinking

  • Build an energy monitor that displays gas and electricity usage. Unit connected to the power and gas meters.  Maybe place the display next to the thermostat. Displays real time usage as well as weekly and monthly totals.
  • Build a lawn moisture sensor. Tells you when it is time to water the lawn. Saveswater by not allowing sprinkler to turn on of the lawn is moist enough.

  • Show how an organized community could use law clippings to feed cattle.

  • Define ways to shoot water retaining gels into lawns to reduce irrigation requirements.  Gel reduces evaporation.
  • Demonstrate an electric generator that is driven by sea wave action.
  • Demonstrate how sea wave action could be used to produce fresh water from sea water using reverse osmoses.

  • Explore different ways that fresh water could be extracted from sea water.

  • Illustrate some uses for old tires.

  • Experiment with some methods to make fertilizer on the farm.

  • Find out if certain biodegradable materials actually do degrade.

  • Demonstrate a way to keep pigeons from roosting on buildings.

  • Demonstrate how paper can be recycled to produce other products.

  • Invent an electronic water usage monitor that could be easily attached to a shower head to help the user conserve water.

Science Fair Project Ideas:  Biology -- Chemistry -- Conservation -- Communications
Education -- Electronics -- Energy -- Physics -- Robotics --

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