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"It is unpleasant to be able to turn certain ideas over in your mind that nobody suspects you of having." Hugo Bett

"Thoughts, like fleas, jump from man to man. But they don't bite everyone." Stanislaw Lem

"Will is stronger than fact: it can mold and overcome fact." H.G. Wells

"Progress is based on knowledge. The real value of inventions is what they teach to the people waiting out there." Isaac Fleishman - Director of Information, U.S. Patent Office

"To try and to fail is least to learn, to fail to try is to suffer the inestimable loss of what might have been." Chester Barnard

"Society is never prepared to receive any inventions. Every new thing is resisted, and it takes years for the inventor to get people to listen to him before is can be introduced." Thomas Edison

"A new idea does not win over opposition by convincing its opponents, but by waiting for its opponents to doe off and the young generation of scientists, growing up without the prejudice of their elders to accept it." Max Planck

"Never did a single encouraging remark, a bright hope, a warm wish, cross my path." Robert Fulton

"Inventing is a combination of brains and material. The more brains you use, the less materials you need." Charles F. Kettering

"An intellectual is a man who takes more words than necessary to tell more than he knows." Dwight D. Eisenhower

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