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Updated on:  Friday, December 18, 2015 07:36 AM

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Germ Killing Swizzle Stick -- A company called Hydro-Photon in Blue Hill, Maine has developed a battery powered ultra violet light source pen they named the Steri-Pen. When used to stir a glass of water for 30 seconds, the device can kill most germs and viruses, rendering the water safe to drink.

Molecular Memories -- A company called "Nanochip Inc. from Monterey, California claim to have made a major breakthrough in the development of very small solid state memories. They say they can store as much as 900M bytes of data on a single IC package. Their memory circuits will first be used to replace hard disk drives in computer systems. They indicate that their circuits are ten times faster than typical disk drives and consume much less power. When volume production levels are reached, they also claim that the system will cost much less than hard disk drives. Their goal is a cram enough memory circuits inside a standard 3 inch disk drive form factor to store as much as 1,400GBs of data. Such a memory capacity is at least one hundred times more than possible with standard hard disk drives. Smaller versions will also find their way into digital cameras, video recorders and audio playback systems. If their goals are reached, it will spell the end to clunky mechanical magnetic and optical disk drives.

Natural Gas Burning Fuel Cell -- David Moard, president of a company called Hydrogen Burner Technology of Long Beach, California, has developed a system that can produce up to 10 kilowatts of electricity and heat domestic water too. Their advanced energy module has no moving parts and takes up about the same amount of space as a conventional furnace. They claim their systems will run on natural gas, propane, fuel oil and even gasoline. Such a system would be great for home owners who want to switch off their connection to a utility company.

CD-ROM Business Card  -- A Denver marketer by the name of Darry Stansbury has been pushing a newly developed a plastic card, shaped like a standard business card.   The card can store16 megabytes of uncompressed digital information and up to 600 megabytes of compressed data. The card can be read by any CD-ROM disk drive. The front side of the card looks like a standard business card with a hole in its middle.  The card front surface presents a company's logo, mailing address and phone
numbers. The back side would contains the data. The "Wow Card" is expected to cost
less than two dollars each when ordered in large quantities. Complete product
catalogs, data sheets and application notes could be stored on the small cards.
Perhaps the cards might also hold music, photos and popular novels.
Super High Fiber Optic Data Rates -- Lucent Technologies has been hard at work cramming more and more data down a single optical fiber. Using 40 distinct laser colors, they have been able to send 1.6 trillion bits per second of information through a single glass fiber, 240 miles long. Each light signal can carry up to 40 billion bits per second. Their goal is reach a terrabyte (8 trillion bytes) per second. To put that into perspective, at such a data rate, a single optical fiber could transmit a million TV channels at the same time.

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