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If a permanent colony of humans are to survive on Mars, they will need to live off the air, sand and rock resources on the surface of Mars. 

Imagineering on Mars discusses how engineers and scientists on earth could help the Martian settlers by developing the machines and factories to transform the stuff of Mars into life sustaining materials.

General Mars Information
Images of Mars
Life on Mars
Mars News
Recent  Mars Missions
Future Mars Missions

Past Mars Missions 
Mars Conferences

The Face

General Mars Information

Mars - Jet Propulsion Laboratories

The Whole Mars Catalog - Reston Communications

Views of the Solar System: Mars - Hawaiian Astronomical Society

Welcome to the Planets: Mars - Jet Propulsion Laboratories

Images of Mars

Mars Global Surveyor Images - NASA

Mars Pathfinder Images - NASA

NASA's Planetary Photojournal: Mars - NASA

The NSSDC Photo Gallery: Mars - NSSDC


Life on Mars

Mars Meteorites - Jet Propulsion Laboratories

Mars News

Daily Martian Weather Report - NASA Radio Science Team

Mars News Wire - MarsNews.com

Mars Today - Current conditions on Mars, NASA

Recent Mars Missions

Mars Global Surveyor - NASA, launched: November 7, 1996

Mars Global Surveyor - NSSDC

Mars Global Surveyor - NASA, Spacelink

Future Mars Missions

Beagle 2 - European Space Agency, launch: 2003

Mars Exploration Rovers 2003 & 2005 - NSSDC, launch: 2003 & 2005

Past Mars Missions 

Viking 1 & 2 - NSSCD, launched: August 20, 1975 & September 9, 1975

Phobos - IKI, launched: 1988

Mars 96 - Russia, launched: November 16, 1996

Mars Pathfinder - National Geographic, 3D images and virtual reality simulator

Mars Pathfinder - NASA, Spacelink

Mars Pathfinder - NSSDC

Mars Pathfinder - NASA, launched December 4, 1996

New Millennium Mars Microprobe - NSSDC, January 3, 1999

Mars Polar Lander - JPL,  January 3, 1999

Mars Conferences

Space Calendar - Calendar of space-related events       


The Mars Society

The Planetary Society


Red Colony

The Terraforming Information Pages - Martyn Fogg

Terraforming System - Robodyne Cybernetics


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