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Here are a few topics that I will cover in future discussions.
  • Ball Lightning  -- I do believe that when working with a powerful capacitor discharge system many years ago I produced some ball lightning.

  • Strange Electro-chemical Materials -- When using a man made silicon dioxide material called "Cab-o-sil" I observed some very interesting and unusual electrochemical properties. Depending on the chemicals mixed with the Cab-o-sil I could produce electro-viscus, piezoelectric and electrochemical memory properties. I was also able to produce capacitors with capacitance measured in farads.

  • Thermo-tunneling -- I read a very convincing engineering report from a crew of qualified mechanical engineers who were completely baffled by an experiment done by a guy who connected a diesel engine to a high speed propeller that was sloshing water around in metal tank. They could not explain why the spinning propeller could raise the water temperature in the tank at a rate faster than possible if the diesel fuel was just burned directly to heat the water.

  • Germ Killing Pressure Waves -- Some twenty three years ago I spent several months perfecting a method to kill germs using electrically induced pressure waves. It was interesting work, but as I will explain later, extremely dangerous.



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