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Updated on:  Thursday, December 17, 2015 01:44 PM

  Electronic Field Disturbance Monitor:  Introduction - Monitor Design - Monitor Operation

Circuit Description:    Front-end Circuit Section - Alarm Threshold Detector 
Power Supply Voltage Regulators
Battery Voltage Monitor - Monitor Assembly
Material List                       

Hobby Corner:   Electronic Tips - Hobby Circuits - Electronic Field Disturbance Monitor - 100+ Construction Ideas

Power Supply Voltage Regulators

To provide the system with two well regulated voltages from the 9 volt battery, two voltage regulators are used. The regulator A5 generates 5 volts while A6 produces 2.5 volts. The 2.5 volt supply is used to generate the mid-supply bias voltage used in the signal processing circuits while the 5 volt supply is used in the alarm and the voltage monitor circuits. Since the current demands of both supplies are very low, low power regulators are used.

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