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Brainstorming Rules Guidelines

1.  There are no rules, just guidelines
2Quantity trumps quality

Rapid fire as many ideas as possible.  Don't worry about feasibility.  The more, the merrier, as they say. Each ideas become a catalyst for another idea.

3.  Welcome far out ideas

Share all ideas, not matter how odd they may seem to you.  Remember, nothing is too ridiculous. Again each ideas become a catalyst for another idea.

4.  Make suggestions without judging the ideas

IIt is critical not to judge any part of the idea until the end of the session.  This include eliminating any statement like "That won't work."  "The is a stupid idea."  "That's impractical."  In fact don't discuss the ideas at all!  Laughing is positive. Criticism is not. Each ideas become a catalyst for another idea.

5.  Every one should try to build upon or combine the ideas of others

One idea can generate another one.  Ideas can improve with further suggestions.

6.  There are no bad ideas

Every person brings to the table a unique set of experiences.  In brainstorming the goals is to generate ideas which will ultimately lead to a solution.

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