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Top 100 Gardening Books

Other Suggested Selections:

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Jerry Baker's Old Time Gardening Wisdom by Jerry Baker   ---    Hardcover -384 pages (1999) Amer Master Products

Flower Power! by Jerry Baker, Heidi Sigrid Sorenson (Illustrator)   ---   Paperback - 348 pages 1st ballen edition (February 1999) Random House
The Impatient Gardener by Jerry Baker    ---   Paperback - 228 pages (1983) Ballantine Books (Trd Pap)
Sanctuary : Gardening for the Soul by Lauir Brunton, Erin Fournier   ---    Paperback - 144 pages (May 2001)   Friedman/Fairfax Publishing
Square Foot Gardening by Mel Bartholomew.    ---    Paperback - 347 pages Reissue edition (1981) ; Rodale Press
Carrots Love Tomatoes : Secrets of Companion Planting for Successful Gardening by Louise Riotte    ---   Paperback - 224 pages 2nd edition (March 1998) ; Storey Books; ISBN: 1580170277
Lasagna Gardening for Small Spaces : A Layering System for Big Results in Small Gardens and Containers : Garden in Inches, Not Acres by Patricia Lanza   ---    Paperback - 256 pages (February 2002) Rodale Press
Small Spaces, Beautiful Gardens by Keith Davitt    ---   Hardcover - 144 pages (February 2002) Rockport Publishers


Landscape Design: A Cultural and Architectural History by Elizabeth Barlow Rogers   ---   Hardcover - 544 pages (November 2001) Harry N Abrams
Radical Landscapes: Reinventing Outdoor Space by Jane Amidon, Kathryn E. Gustafson   ---   Hardcover - 192 pages (November 2001) Thames & Hudson
Designing Your Gardens and Landscapes : 12 Simple Steps for Successful Planning by Janet Maconovich    ---   Paperback - 167 pages Spiral edition (February 2001) Storey Books
Landscaping Your Home : Creative Ideas from America's Best Gardeners (Fine Gardening Design Guides) by Lee Anne White (Editor   ---    Paperback - 192 pages (January 14, 2001) Taunton Press
The American Horticultural Society Encyclopedia of Gardening by Christopher Brickell (Editor), Elvin McDonald, Trevor J. Cole (Editor), Judy Zuk (Editor)   ---   Hardcover - 648 pages (October 1993) DK Publishing
American Horticultural Society A-Z Encyclopedia of Garden Plants by Christopher Brickell (Editor), Judith Zuk (Editor), American Horticultural Society   ---   Hardcover - 1092 pages 1st American edition (September 1997) DK Publishing
American Horticultural Society Pests and Diseases: The Complete Guide to Preventing, Identifying and Treating Plant Problems by Pippa Greenwood, Andrew Halstead, Chase A. R., Daniel Gilrein, Sandra Pond (Illustrator)   ---   Hardcover - 218 pages 1st edition (February 1, 2000) DK Publishing
American Horticultural Society Pruning & Training by Christopher Brickell (Editor), David Joyce   ---    Hardcover - 336 pages (August 1996) DK Publishing
American Horticultural Society Plant Propagation: The Fully Illustrated Plant-by-Plant Manual of Practical Techniques by American Horticultural Society, Peter Anderson (Photographer), Toogood   ---   Hardcover - 320 pages 1 Amer Ed edition (April 1999) DK Publishing
Pruning Made Easy : A Gardener's Visual Guide to When and How to Prune Everything, from Flowers to Trees (Storey's Gardening Skills Illustrated) by Lewis Hill, Elayne Sears (Illustrator)   ---    Paperback - 224 pages (February 1998) Storey Books
Easy, Practical Pruning : Techniques for Training Trees, Shrubs, Vines, and Roses (Taylor's Weekend Gardening Guides) by Barbara Ellis, Frances Tenenbaum (Editor)   ---    Paperback - 122 pages (September 1997) Houghton Mifflin Co (Pap)

Ortho's All About Pruning (Ortho's All About Gardening) by Judy Lowe    ---   Paperback - 96 pages (January 1999) Ortho Books

Well-Tended Perennial Garden: Planting & Pruning Techniques by Tracy Disabato-Aust, Steven M. Still (Foreword)   ---    Hardcover - 269 pages (April 1998) Timber Press
The Pruning of Trees, Shrubs and Conifers by George E. Brown    ---   Hardcover - 374 pages (June 1995)  Timber Press
Trees & Shrubs
Dirr's Hardy Trees and Shrubs : An Illustrated Encyclopedia by Michael A. Dirr    ---   Hardcover - 493 pages illustrate edition (October 1997) Timber Press
Perennial Combinations: Stunning Combinations That Make Your Garden Look Fantastic Right from the Start by C. Colston Burrell   ---   Hardcover - 352 pages (March 1999) Rodale Press
Continuous Bloom by Pam Duthie (Photographer)   ---   Hardcover - 320 pages (May 2000)  Ball Publishing
100 Favorite Perennials (100 Favorite Series) by Teri Dunn    ---   Hardcover - 120 pages (February 1998) Metro Books
Caring for Perennials : What to Do and When to Do It by Janet MacUnovich, Steven Nikkila (Photographer)   ---    Paperback - 200 pages (March 1997) Storey Books
Rodale's Illustrated Encyclopedia of Perennials by Ellen Phillips, C. Colston Burrell   ---    Paperback - 544 pages (September 1999)  Rodale Press
Perennial All-Stars : The 150 Best Perennials for Great-Looking, Trouble-Free Gardens by Jeff Cox   ---    Hardcover - 352 pages (February 1998)  Rodale Press
Armitage's Garden Perennials : A Color Encyclopedia by Allan M. Armitage    ---   Hardcover - 324 pages (April 2000) Timber Press
Plant Selection
100 Favorite Plants for Shade (The 100 Favorite Series) by Teri Dunn    ---   Hardcover - 120 pages (February 1999) Metro Books
100 Favorite Herbs (100 Favorite Series) by Teri Dunn    ---   Hardcover - 120 pages (February 1998)  Metro Books
100 Favorite Garden Wildflowers (The 100 Favorite Series) by Teri Dunn    ---   Hardcover - 120 pages (February 1999)  Metro Books
100 Favorite Flowering Shrubs (The 100 Favorite Series) by L. Patricia Kite    ---   Hardcover - 120 pages (May 1999) Metro Books
Annuals With Style : Design Ideas from Classic to Cutting Edge by Thomas Christopher, Michael A. Ruggiero   ---    Hardcover - 240 pages (March 2000) Taunton Press


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