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Cool Careers for Dummies by Marty Nemko, Paul Edwards, Sarah Edwards   ---   Paperback - 432 pages 2nd edition (March 15, 2001)  -- Hungry Minds, Inc

Changing Careers for Dummies (For Dummies)by Richard N. Bolles (Introduction), Carol L. McClelland   ---   Paperback - 360 pages (July 2001) Hungry Minds, Inc
The Complete Job-Search Handbook : Everything You Need to Know to Get the Job You Really Want by Howard E. Figler   ---   Paperback - 370 pages 3rd edition (November 1999)  Owl Books
Careerxroads 2002 (Careerxroads, 7th Ed) by Gerry Crispin, Mark Mehler   ---   Paperback - 450 pages 7th edition (December 2001)  M M C Group
The Directory of Executive Recruiters 2002 (Directory of Executive Recruiters, 2002, 31st Ed) by Llc Kennedy Information (Compiler), Jennifer Shay, Wayne E. Cooper   ---   Paperback 31st Bk&cr edition (November 2001)  Kennedy Information Inc.
Best Answers to the 201 Most Frequently Asked Interview Questions by Matthew J. Deluca   ---   Paperback - 208 pages (September 1, 1996)  McGraw-Hill Professional Publishing; ISBN: 007016357X
The Interview Rehearsal Book : 7 Steps to Job-Winning Interviews Using Acting Skills You Never Knew You Had by Deb Gottesman, Buzz Mauro    ---   Paperback - 128 pages (March 1999)  Berkley Pub Group
Don't Send a Resume: And Other Contrarian Rules to Help Land a Great Job by Jeffrey J. Fox   ---   Hardcover - 192 pages (May 2001)  Hyperion
Power Interviews: Job-Winning Tactics from Fortune 500 Recruiters, Revised and Expanded Edition by Neil M. Yeager, Lee Hough (Contributor)   ---   Paperback - 238 pages Revised edition (January 5, 1998)  John Wiley & Sons
Interview Strategies That Lead to Job Offers (Business Success Guide) by Marilyn Pincus, Deborah Zemke (Illustrator)    ---   Paperback - 136 pages (March 1999)  Barrons Educational Series
The Wizard of Work : 88 Pages to Your Next Job : A Simple, Straightforward Job-Search Book for People Who'd Rather Be Working Than Reading a Book by Richard Gaither, John Baker   ---    Paperback - 96 pages (April 1995)  Ten Speed Press
Job Hunting For Dummies by Max Messmer   ---   Paperback - 408 pages 2nd Edition edition (July 1999)  Hungry Minds, Inc
Job Searching Online For Dummies by Pam Dixon    ---   Paperback - 384 pages 2nd Edition edition (January 2000)  Hungry Minds, Inc
Resumes for Dummies by Joyce Lain Kennedy   ---   Paperback - 334 pages 3nd edition (May 15, 2000)  Hungry Minds, Inc;
Job Interviews For Dummies by Joyce Lain Kennedy   ---   Paperback - 282 pages 2nd edition (May 2000)  Hungry Minds, Inc
Cover Letters For Dummies by Joyce Lain Kennedy   ---   Paperback - 283 pages 2nd edition (May 2000)  Hungry Minds, Inc;
Focal Point: A Proven System to Simplify Your Life, Double Your Productivity, and Achieve All Your Goals by Brian Tracy   ---    Hardcover - 224 pages (October 2001)  AMACOM
110 Best Job Search Sites on the Internet by Katherine K. Yonge   ---   Paperback - 80 pages (March 1998)  Linx Education Pub Inc
Resumes in Cyberspace : Your Complete Guide to a Computerized Job Search by Pat Criscito   ---   Paperback - 300 pages 2nd edition (January 2001)  Barrons Educational Series
Resume Magic : Trade Secrets of a Professional Resume Writer by Susan Britton Whitcomb   ---   Paperback - 596 pages (October 1998)  Jist Works

The Resume Handbook : How to Write Outstanding Resumes and Cover Letters for Every Situation (3rd Ed) by Arthur D. Rosenberg, David V. Hizer   ---   Paperback - 176 pages 3rd edition (June 1996)  Adams Media Corporation

Resume Catalog : 200 Damn Good Examples by Yana Parker    ---   Paperback - 284 pages Updated edition (October 1996)  Ten Speed Press
The Damn Good Resume Guide : A Crash Course in Resume Writing (3rd Edition) by Yana Parker   ---   Paperback - 78 pages 3rd edition (May 1996)  Ten Speed Press
The Art of Possibility: Transforming Professional and Personal Life by Rosamund Stone Zander, Benjamin Zander    ---   Hardcover - 206 pages 1st edition (September 2000)  Harvard Business School Pr

Negotiating Your Salary : How to Make $1000 a Minute by Jack Chapman   ---   Paperback - 148 pages (June 2001)  Ten Speed Press

Are You Paid What You're Worth? : The Complete Guide to Calculating and Negotiating the Salary, Benefits, Bonus and Raise You Deserve by Michael O'Malley   ---   Paperback - 256 pages 1 Ed edition (June 1998)  Broadway Books
Haldane's Best Salary Tips for Professionals by Bernard Haldane Associates   ---  Paperback - 140 pages (July 15, 2001)  Impact Publications
Career Satisfaction and Success : A Guide to Job and Personal Freedom by Bernard Haldane, Peter Ferdinand Drucker    ---   Paperback - 297 pages Revised edition (December 1995)  Jist Works
Haldane's Best Answers to Tough Interview Questions (Haldane's Best) by Bernard Haldane Associates, Inc Staff Bernard Haldane Associate, Bernard Haldane   ---   Paperback - 208 pages (February 2000)  Impact Publications
The Perfect Interview : How to Get the Job You Really Want by John D. Drake   ---   Paperback - 208 pages 2nd edition (1997)  AMACOM
Landing the Job You Want : How to Have the Best Job Interview of Your Life by William C. Byham, Debra Pickett (Contributor)    ---   Paperback - 195 pages 2nd edition (June 1999)  Three Rivers Press
Your Career: How To Make It Happen by Julie Griffin Levitt   ---   Paperback - 368 pages 4th edition (August 6, 1999)  South-Western Educational Publishing
Laid Off & Loving It! How People Like You Conquered a Career Crisis by Paul David Madsen   ---   Paperback - 156 pages (September 2001);
What Color Is Your Parachute? A Practical Manual for Job-Hunters & Career-Changers by Richard Nelson Bolles   ---   Paperback - 368 pages 32nd edition (December 2001)  Ten Speed Press
The Age Advantage : Making the Most of Your Midlife Career Transition by Jean Erickson Walker   ---   Paperback - 322 pages (September 12, 2000)  Berkley Pub Group
Are You a Corporate Refugee? : A Survival Guide for Downsized, Disillusioned, and Displaced Workers by Ruth Luban   ---   Paperback - 263 pages 1st edition (January 2, 2001)  Penguin USA (Paper)
Fired, Down-Sized, or Laid-Off : What Your Employer Doesn't Want You to Know About How to Fight Back by Alan L. Sklover   ---   Paperback - 335 pages (January 2000)  Henry Holt (Paper)


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