Guide to Preparedness Now - Emergency/Disaster Planning Resources

Review Available Emergency/Disaster Resources BEFORE disaster strikes.  

Emergencies/Disasters can happen with little or no warning.  You may need to leave your home, your neighborhood or even your community. Every person & family needs to know what to do if an emergency/disaster strikes.  What would you do if water, gas, electricity or phone were cut off?  You need a plan because help may or may not be available.  The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) launched to help you prepare for any emergency/disaster that may arise. 

Some preparedness tips provided include:

  • Know the hazards that may occur in the area.

  • Learn the evacuation routes and shelter locations from your home, your business & school -- Start by contacting your local emergency management office.  Do an online search using the key word " YOUR CITY + emergency management office" or  contact your local American Red Cross chapter.

  • Have an Emergency or Disaster kit ready + a 72-Hour Bug-Out bag for each family member

  • Know how to reconnect with people following an emergency -- The plans should include designated meeting places in case the family members are separated.  Complete a contact card and give one to each family member to put in their wallet, purse, or backpack.     The Contact Card link is provided by the CDC (Center for Disease Control).

  • Learn emergency skills including how to use a fire extinguisher and first aid.  Again contact your local American Red Cross chapter.

Below is a partial list of Emergency/Disaster Response Resources:
Are there other resources to add to this list?  eMail your suggestions

Guide to Preparedness Now

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