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Store your water safely

“Unopened commercially bottled water is the safest and most reliable emergency water supply,” says the CDC, which offers these storage tips:


  • If you use store-bought water, check expiration dates and replace regularly.

  • Replace bottled water you’ve filled & stored yourself every six months.

  • Keep a bottle of unscented liquid chlorine bleach with your water supply for cleaning and sanitizing and for disinfecting water.

  • Don’t use scented bleach or types with color-safe or cleaning additives. Look for a bleach label that says the product is safe for disinfecting water.


Shelf life of water?

Water must be stored in clean containers and out of sunlight. If stored properly water should have an indefinite shelf life. It is advised that you trade out your water every 6 to 12 months. (Suggested every Oct. Conference or when you change your clocks.) After sitting for a while water will taste flat. You will need to pour it between containers to aerate.

Where can I store water?

  • Water is bulky, but in smaller containers you can tuck here and there.   Consider putting liter-size bottle in your bathroom or kitchen cabinets; in the backs of closets; under beds; and in your pantry.  I bet you can find other places in your home.

  • As an alternative you store water in unused space such as above doors in closets by attaching twine around the neck of 2 liter containers and hanging on hooks.

  • Keep water out of direct sunlight, heat and off of concrete floors.


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