Guide to Preparedness Now - Docs to Gather Ahead of Evacuation


Create a Grab & Go Binder

During disasters, you may have to evacuate on short notice.   Instead of running around grabbing things at the last minute, pre-assemble important documents - gather together your most important documents and store them in a three-ring binder. Use dividers to organize your papers; you can use the headings in my list or create your own. For the best protection of these documents, use plastic page protectors.

Put them in a notebook or case that can be accessed on a moments notice.  Assembling these documents NOW can make things easier after you’ve been evacuated.  Chances are good that you will not be able to go back home for these papers.

As an added safety measure, scan the original documents so they can be stored on a portable zip drive or even a CD.  

Make two Binders, each with copies of Important Papers:

  • Original Docs - Place the binder with originals in a safety deposit box.  Some preppers suggest that it can be stored with a trusted friend or family member or simply put in a fire-proof file box or cabinet.
  • Copies of Docs - Put the second binder, the one with copies, in a location that is easily accessible.   This is your "GRAB & GO" Binder.  You grab it should you have to evacuate.

Your Family Emergency Plan

Contact List - Print a hard copy of names, addresses, phone numbers, and email addresses of your:

  1. Insurance agent(s)
  2. Attorney(s)
  3. Doctor(s)
  4. Pharmacy used
  5. Office
  6. Relatives
  7. Close friends
  8. Neighbors

Legal Documents

  1. Will, living trust or family trust
  2. Legal documents pertaining to home ownership
  3. Rent or lease agreement
  4. Legal documents pertaining to child custody or adoption
  5. Legal documents related to a divorce

Financial Documents

  1. Copies of the fronts and backs of debit/credit cards
  2. Copies of property deeds and car titles
  3. Banking info - both checking & savings
  4. Safety deposit box key
  5. Savings bonds, stocks and bonds
  6. Copy of statements from investment firms
  7. Other important documents related to employment and/or a family business
  8. Copies of your insurance policies (life, health, auto, homeowners, etc.)
  9. Copy of car registrations
  10. Last year's files taxes

Personal Documents for each family member

  1. Recent photos of each family member and each pet
  2. Pet vaccine records
  3. Pet pedigrees records
  4. Pet microchip paperwork
  5. Marriage license
  6. Birth certificates
  7. Drivers licenses
  8. Utility Bill (In most states, a your utility bill is all you need to validate your home address)
  9. Concealed Carry Weapon (CCW) permits
  10. Passports
  11. Social Security cards
  12. Health Insurance cards
  13. Children's School IDs
  14. Military documents
  15. Medical docs, include a list of prescriptions, medical history, list of blood types, immunization records
  16. Pre-Arranged Funeral Contract and/or Service Notes

Household documents

  1. color photos of your house and each room in the house
  2. Appraisals & photos of anything of particular value
  3. A list of firearm + serial numbers
  4. Receipts for furniture, appliances, electronics, fitness equipment, and other larger, high ticket
  5. Property Tax Assessment

Suggests for your Binders:

2" - 3" 3-Ring Binders of good quality

Possible Tab or Dividers:

  • Emergency Plan

  • Auto

  • Education

  • Employment 

  • Family

  • Financial

  • Housing 

  • Insurance

  • Life Planning

  • Medical 

  • Pets

Put originals and/or copies of docs in plastic sheet protectors


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