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Almost home needs a first aid kit at some time. Take the time to prepare a kits for your survival to keep at home, in your car, in your BOB, and in your Stock Pile.  Depending on your need and level of training, First Aid kits may be either basic or comprehensive.

Ready-made first aid kits are commercially available online or in stores.  You can assemble them yourself.  Create several different kits for your home, your car and your 72-Hour Bug Out Bag.

Types of kits to assemble:

  1. Basic First Aid Supplies

  2. OTC Medications (Over the Counter Medications)

  3. Trauma Kit

  4. 72-Hour Bug-Out First Aid Kit

Every six months, or so, evaluate the contents of each kit.  

  • Are there missing items?   Replace missing items.

  • Has your situation changed?  Evaluate the items and make adjustments according to your current situation

  • Has your prescriptions changed?  Update the list of prescriptions for each family members.  Leave an updated list in each kit.

Remember, when first aid is only the beginning of care, you should be prepared to give emergency personnel all of your current and past medical history.  The first aid kits for every day use is for your whole family and can be as large & comprehensive as you want.   However the one in your 72-Hour Bug Out Bag is for you alone.


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